Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any special paint techniques to achieve the aged look of your frames?

No, we search for timber that is genuinely old. Careful selection and attention to detail in assembly are all that is required to create our beautiful frames.

Is it easy to replace the images in the frames?

Yes, each frame is fitted with good quality points which allow you to easily replace images many times.

Are your frames fumigated?

Yes all frames are fumigated after production and before they are shipped.

When you refer to a frame as being and A5 or A4 size, what exactly does that mean?

The size refers to the size of the backing board including the rebate, the visible window is approx. 20mm smaller (10mm on each side).

Where do you ship from and when will I receive my order?

We ship with DHL from our warehouse in Berlin, Germany. We generally ship within 3 working days (usually quicker).